A BELOVED soft toy that was missing for 10 days has been returned to her very happy owner.

Four-year-old Chloe Kinch-Jones and the rest of the family were devastated when they realised the bunny did not come home with them after a visit to Southwold park on Sunday, March 30, Mother’s Day.

Mum-of-two Claire Jones, 31, knew exactly how important the toy was to Chloe and immediately embarked on a campaign to find it.

She posted pictures and messages everywhere she could think, including the Oxford Mail, social networking site Facebook and shops on the estate.

And it paid off because 10 days, later on April 9, they got the call they had hoped for, that the bunny had been found.

The grandchildren of a householder in Walnut Close spotted the toy in a tree in the garden.

The owner remembered reading about the bunny in the newspaper and had seen the poster in the shop.

She instantly rang Miss Jones, of Willow Drive, Bicester, with the good news.

She said: “I was over the moon. There’s not one family photo that it’s not in – they are best friends.

“Mummy Bunny is the only one allowed into bed with her and when she comes down for breakfast it sits next to her.”

Miss Jones, who runs her own PR firm Jones Consulting, said the bunny was originally bought for her when Chloe was a few months old.

She said: “When she could reach out that’s all she reached for.”

Miss Jones, who also has another daughter Charlotte, six months, said: “Charlotte had been up since 3am so when we went to the park I wasn’t quite on the ball.

“Normally my eyes are not distracted from where Mummy Bunny is.

“I felt responsible – it was on my watch.”

Miss Jones and fiance Alex Kinch insisted the man and his grandchildren who found the toy take the £100 reward the couple had offered.

“It was worth 10 times more than that to us,” she said.