MY giddy aunt. John Tanner is regurgitating his socialist nonsense again (April 10).

I thought he was going to retire to his allotment 10 years ago to grow codswallop.

His comment about David Cameron states: “His Coalition Government has promised but failed to tackle the deficit.” Cor blimey, guv.’ Who produced that deficit? Yes. John Tanner’s beloved Socialists. Remember that note they left on the desk when voted out on 2010 – “There’s no money left.”?

I think we have all had quite enough of his easy access to promote the Labour Party on your letter’s page. Socialism’s ‘spend spend spend’ policies should be consigned to history, along with the worst ‘sub’ prime minister in history – Gordon Brown.

It would be nice to sell our gold reserves now, but unfortunately Gordon Brown sold the bulk of it to finance his spending plans. Great socialism, isn’t it? Sell at the lowest price.


Banbury Road