THE doors to a new museum – and to children’s imaginations – opened over the weekend.

The Story Museum, at Rochester House, Pembroke Street, Oxford, welcomed its first visitors on Saturday.

The idea started life as a “virtual” museum in 2003 but in 2009 used £2.2m of funding from mystery donors to find a new home. Since then work has taken place to get the museum ready for visitors.

Its first exhibition is 26 Characters, in which 26 authors dressed up as their favourite creation from children’s fiction for a photo portrait.

Oxford author Philip Pullman chose Treasure Island, comedian Charlie Higson dressed up as Boromir from The Lord of The Rings and Terry Pratchett pulled on some short trousers and an over-sized tie to be Just William.

Flora Sutton, six, visited with mother Isabelle and older sisters Catriona, 12, and Madeleine, 14.

The Edinburgh family were visiting Isabelle’s parents in Oxford. Flora, whose favourite book is Hamish the Highland Cow, said: “My favourite part was dressing up as a magical person. I got to spin the story wheel too.

“It was really fun.”