OXFORDSHIRE should encourage developments close to transport hubs and offer free travel passes, a heritage group said.

Oxford Civic Society has published a report entitled Oxford Futures, arguing that local authorities in the county need to work together more to resolve infrastructure and housing issues.

Society chairman Peter Thompson said a future aim in Oxford should be to reduce car use. One way of doing that, he said, was “to design a new system that becomes the preferred way of getting around”.

A tram or light-rail system could be the answer, Mr Thompson said.

He said: “People will continue moving into cities and that has been the general trend.

“But part of that should not mean building more roads in built-up areas: we should be creating beautiful spaces that people want to live in.”

The report also suggests that new homes should be placed along already established routes and communities should have more say in planning through “development forums.”

To read the report in full, visit oxfordfutures.org.uk