The employment tribunal of a former events co-ordinator at Kellogg College finished yesterday.

Catriona Carter Jonas, of Adkin Way, Wantage, is suing the Chancellor, masters and scholars of Oxford University for alleged discrimination on age grounds, unfair dismissal and non-payment of outstanding wages.

The tribunal heard claims that the 53-year-old was called a “wrinkly old bag” by one bursar at the college and had her workload increased by 80 per cent by another.

But there was also evidence from Jonathan Michie, president of Kellogg College, who said the performance management measures used on Miss Carter Jonas were “entirely reasonable”.

He said that after an investigation he “could not reasonably conclude there had been bullying or harassment” by one bursar in particular, Donna Lipsky.

An interim bursar, Keith Fraser, also told the tribunal there was a “culture of bullying” inside the college.

The judge is expected to deliver his judgement within four to six weeks.