IF YOU go down to the woods today, they should look spick and span.

Volunteers spent the day on Saturday cleaning and clearing paths through Magdalen Wood in Wood Farm.

The Friends of Magdalen Wood, set up three years ago by Oxford city councillor for Churchill ward, Mark Lygo, clear up litter from the copse every six months.

Secretary Roger Jenking said: “As an amenity, Magdalen Wood is slightly under-used.

“Ideally there should be more activities and it should be managed more. We want to see it restored to its former glory.”

He said at one point there had been a “trim track” exercise station in the wood but that had been removed.

After clearing litter from the woods, the group also did woodland crafts.

Meanwhile, on the other side of The Slade, another group was cleaning up Lye Valley nature reserve.

Volunteers were de-cluttering the brook and its banks as part of Oxford Civic Society’s Oxclean project.

Terry Wood, who lives near the reserve, said: “There is skip-loads of stuff there and it is a reflection of the way people behave.

“From a practical point of view, it is unsightly and litter attracts more litter.

“As to why people drop litter, I have no comprehension.”

Churchill ward councillor Susan Brown said the work the friends group was doing was “absolutely fantastic”.

She said: “The wood is incredibly beautiful and the work the friends have done has made it an even nicer place to go.

“They have done a lot to improve the woods and make them a good place for families to spend time.”

Magdalen Wood west sits at the south of the Wood Farm estate.

The friends group clears the paths once in spring and once in autumn.