MAGIC has come to life for the children of Charlton-On-Otmoor primary school for World Book Week.

Staff have turned the school near Bicester into a Harry Potter-style place of magic for the children, with the help of dry ice and dance teacher Sissi Tellechea on Monday morning.

She said: “It was just a normal assembly for the children, and then they started noticing smoke coming out of the cupboard and got really excited.”

Headteacher Mike Wisbach continued: “I went into the cupboard as if I was working out the cause, and then Sissi jumped out as a witch.

Oxford Mail:

Headteacher Mike Wisbach

“She told the children that the Board of Wizard Education said the school’s magic was so poor they would shut it down, but they had one week to prove themselves.

“The teachers all came out dressed as witches and wizards, and we used a hat with a walkie talkie in to sort the children into houses.”

In their new magical houses, the children are spending the the week learning magical maths, potions, fantasy books and baking bizarre treats.

Oxford University’s Quidditch team has also made an appearance to teach the children how to play the magical sport.

Mr Wisbach, 57, said: “It makes the lessons totally different from what we normally do for a week.”

Miss Tellechea, from Headington, said: “The children are enthusiastic and happy about it. It’s beautiful.”