THE NAME given to a new Oxford housing estate has led to concerns its neighbours are being deliberately left behind.

The 885-home development planned for west of Barton is to be called Barton Park.

But Barton residents fear the name is a deliberate move to distinguish it from the current estate.

Van Coulter, Oxford City Council member for Barton, said community leaders felt they had been “side-stepped” in any form of consultation about the name.

Mr Coulter said: “Some people on the estate feel like the development has nothing to do with us.”

The Labour politician said a name like Barton Village would have been more inclusive.

He said: “I don’t want it to be ‘us and them’, and this wedge, the disagreement about the name, seems to open that possibility.”

He also said he was concerned little of the £16.6m expected in developer contribution money would be spent on the current estate.

Development company Grosvenor is working on the scheme with Oxford City Council and a planning application is expected this Spring.

Stowford Road resident Paul Marlow, 56, said: “Ever since I heard about the project I thought this part of Barton would be lost.”

He said the development should just be called ‘Barton’ and join the existing estate, adding: “I don’t really understand where these people are coming from.”

Ray Guiller, of Sherwood Place, Barton, added: “Having two names won’t help the integration.”

James Robinson, senior development manager at Grosvenor, said the Barton Park name was picked after it emerged as a favourite following consultation with primary school pupils and the Barton community.

He said: “I think that the Barton Park name will help establish the neighbourhood as a destination in its own right, while reflecting our aspiration to recognise and integrate the existing community at Barton.”

Sue Holden, Barton Community Association secretary, said integrating the estates would be up to the residents.

She said: “It is the job of the community to make sure these wedges are not allowed to come into place.”