A FARMER has criticised planned development in Bicester and warned it could cause flooding in the future.

Brian Franklin, of Moorlands Farm, Murcott, says, with more than 6,000 homes lined up for Bicester, as well as business parks and a park and ride, there will be nowhere for the water to go.

He claims well-drained land is set for development, while clay-based sites – which do not hold water – are being left, making them vulnerable to flooding.

It comes after the wettest January on record in the South East of England and flooding across the county.

Planning authority Cherwell District Council said applications were “screened” to consider flood risk levels.

Mr Franklin, 68, said: “The land between Bicester and Chesterton has natural drainage. Then you get the clay ground that doesn’t soak anything up. It’s the second grade land that should be built on.

“All around Bicester, you’ve got some of the best land in the country and it’s all going to be covered with concrete.

“Then you are pushing water onto land that never drains.”

Council spokeswoman Jemma Callow said: “In producing plans to identify areas for new development, areas at risk of flooding are normally excluded.

“In addition, the council has commissioned strategic flood risk assessment to ensure the risk of flooding is properly taken into account and does not give rise to risk of flooding.”