FEATHERED friends flocked to the Sutton Courtenay Environmental Educational Centre yesterday.

Visitors were greeted by the team from the Wheatley Birds of Prey centre who brought along a kestrel and barn owl.

Callum Tredgett, six,  from Sutton Courtenay, was one of the first to hold the birds at the centre, in Sutton Courtenay Road.

The pupil from the village primary school said: “I liked holding the kestrel. My class’ name at school is Kestrel, too, and the bird was light.

“I also made a bird feeder out of lollipops, puzzles and colouring.”

His mother Holly Tredgett, 33, said: “He was very brave with the kestrel and it did not faze him at all, which is unusual, as he's quite shy.”

The birds of prey paid a special visit as part of the centre’s half-term activities.

The event continues from 10am to 4pm today, when children can learn about birds preparing for spring.