EXPERTS handed out energy saving advice at the conclusion of a low carbon group’s thermal imaging campaign.

Thermal images of more than 100 homes were taken by members of the Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon Group over three weeks using specialist equipment, which demonstrates where heat is escaping from houses.

The campaign finished with a drop-in session held on Saturday at Rose Hill and Donnington Advice Centre in Ashhurst Way.

Rose Hill and Iffley residents who took part were able to view the thermal images of their home and the low carbon group explained what the picture represented and gave tips on how to save energy.

Rose Hill resident and low carbon group member Paul Skinner said: “I was really pleased by the number of people who expressed an interest — everybody who I have spoken to has said how helpful it has been.

“They have said how grateful they are how we have been able to offer this for free.”

About 20 volunteer members of the group dropped leaflets off at 3,000 homes in the area explaining the project and took the thermal images, a job which took a week longer than planned because of the recent wet weather as rain affects the quality of the images.

Mr Skinner added: “It has been about raising people’s awareness and making them think about what they might be able to do to save energy and save money on their heating.

“Hopefully it has also raised the profile of the group and next time we do something they will know we are around. And we wanted people to consider their carbon footprint in general.”

Group chairwoman and Rose Hill resident Eleanor Watts said: “From my observations a lot of heat was coming out of windows.

“You can buy these reflector panels which are quite cheap.

“You put it between the radiator and the wall and it reflects the heat back into the house.

“Another thing is doors — I saw a lot of heat escaping from doors.

“A lot of the doors were single wood and again they could just have a thick curtain to solve this.”

She added: “I would describe the campaign as extremely successful and largely because we have worked as a team.”

Lorna Bourdeaux, 58, who lives in Iffley, said: “I thought it was a very well organised and interesting event. My house is losing a lot of heat. It was very good to know what kind of measures to help prevent heat loss.

“There is quite a range of things and some are more quick so I will be looking at some of the options.”