TOWN councillors in Wallingford have been accused of greed for trying to redraw an ancient boundary to take over part of Cholsey parish.

There are about 200 homes in Winterbrook, currently part of Cholsey, and Wallingford Town Council says the area should be incorporated into the town as boundaries are redrawn as part of a Community Governance Review by South Oxfordshire Council.

Cholsey Parish Council chairman Mark Gray said the town council wanted Winterbrook to be part of the town to boost council tax income. The village is fighting the move.

Cholsey was involved in the Save Winterbrook campaign when it was proposed to build hundreds of new homes off Reading Road as part of SODC’s core strategy.

That plan did not go ahead and 550 new homes will now be built at Slade End Farm off Wantage Road instead.

Mr Gray said: “Wallingford is going to get the new homes at Slade End Farm so the town council is being greedy trying to take over Winterbrook.

“I have 30 letters of protest and I hope SODC takes this proposal out of its formal consultation.

“Winterbrook is a rural idyll and it would be wrong.”

Wallingford mayor Bernard Stone confirmed the town council wants to redraw the boundaries.

He added: “I don’t agree with the accusation of greed because a couple of hundred houses won’t make much difference financially.

“There is a mile between Winterbrook and Cholsey, so this is a logical step.”