A TEAM of trainee children’s nurses are scrapping their scrubs for running kits to help raise money for the Oxford Children’s Hospital.

The group of 18 student nurses studying at Oxford Brookes University are joining the OX5 Run to help raise money for the Headington hospital.

The second year nurses, who have already raised £1,200, will line up beside hundreds of others for the start of the five-mile run at Blenheim Palace on Sunday, March 30.

Last year’s run raised more than £98,000 for the children’s hospital, so organisers are hoping to break the £100,000 barrier.

The group was put together by Alicia Jones, 24, who works in the surgical unit called Tom’s Ward at the Oxford Children’s Hospital.

Miss Jones, from Percy Street, Cowley, said: “You see so many children with different conditions and get to spend time with them and their families.

“It is not all easy – it can be really tough.

“Losing a patient can be really difficult after spending a lot of time with the children and their parents.

“But it is worth it for when sick children get better and get to go home.

“It is a really lovely hospital to work in, I enjoy it, so I thought it would be a nice way of giving something back.”

Also running are Emma Johnston, Matilda Bridge, Catherine Helme, Hannah Roberts, Emma Willis, Francesca Kenney, Lucy Barker, Becky Hughes, Thaddeus Dixon, Colette Smith, Imogen Stamford, Alanna Bruce, Lisa Howes, Ellie Judges, Emily Ratcliffe, Danielle Ricard and Caitlin Woodman.

Oxford Children’s Hospital spokeswoman Sarah Vaccari said: “We are delighted to have a large team of trainee nurses from Brookes taking part.

“Many of them will have already seen how amazing our young patients are, and what a difference the most up-to-date medical equipment and best possible facilities make to them.

“By taking part in the OX5 Run the local community can help make a huge difference to our youngsters, so we are asking all readers to raise big smiles and run five miles.”

The run is the hospital’s biggest annual charity fundraiser.

This year’s OX5 Run, which starts at 10.30am on Sunday March 30, costs £10 to enter and runners are asked to aim to raise a minimum of £100.

It is a five-mile run round the glorious grounds of Blenheim Palace. There will be a warm-up at 10am.