I WORK in Osney Mead and during the January floods, was unable to either access Ferry Hinksey Road, or Botley Road.

As there were two days when I really had to be in the office and not work from home and the Seacourt park and ride was also flooded, I parked in front of Curry’s, on the Botley Road on one occasion and on the other, when the Botley Road was flooded from McDonald’s, in the car park in front of Homebase.

On both occasions I was photographed on the way in and again on the way out, times being noted.

I since received notifications from Parking Eye that would have charges due. Both sites are managed by Savilles and when I phoned them to ask them to intercede on my behalf, was told that there are signs up regarding the parking and were really quite off-hand.

Bearing in mind that they themselves must have been affected, as their office was also surrounded by water and where did their staff park, I wonder?

Not in their own car park.

My point is that I want to work and did have to be in the office and yet neither Parking Eye, nor Savilles, are in the least bit sympathetic.

Could these charges not have been waived due to the unnatural circumstances? And the insult is, that Parking Eye, though acknowledging my appeal, did not respond to it. A standard letter was sent, telling me about the signs etc.

Judds Close