LEN Shackleton, the footballer, in his autobiography had a chapter on what the average managing director and board knew about football. There was a blank page. Football directors and the Football League and FA board should wake up and smell the coffee.

Premier League football is now mega-money and most clubs cannot compete with Manchester Utd Chelsea, Manchester City, all of whom have mega-rich backers from abroad.

Cardiff have some financial backing but not really when it comes to the nitty gritty.

Will Vincent Tan hop ship if they founder?

Sad fact but many of the teams in the Premier are financially Championship clubs and should be satisfied for a couple of seasons in the Premier and then back to give the fans another season of fighting for promotion again.

Millionaire owners are no longer enough. Premier clubs need billionaire owners who don’t expect a return for their money.

BT and Sky are propping the Premier League up and someday the bubble must burst. Footballers getting more wages in a week than heart surgeons get in a year? Tell me what sense that makes.

Turnpike Road