CAN I make motorists aware of a highway robber operating in Bicester.

The company, ANPR parking, operate via camera (not person) a 24-hour surveillance. Should you enter Hannover Court you will be picked up on camera and immediately issued with a fine, though the fine (when it arrives) states you were in Manners Field Road, so confusion starts.

Secondly, you get a fine of £150 stating you did not pay on first request, which I swear did not arrive, you can appeal but then get a letter saying (via debt recovery) pay now £150 or we will take all the usual actions.

Before you say: ‘Shouldn’t park there then’, I can clearly state you only have to enter the road and turn around, to obtain a fine. I pulled in to take a phone call, so as to obey the law and five minutes later, a fine.

This company is illegal and should be exposed. Furthermore they offer a subsidy of 20 per cent, making the bill £120 but when you make a payment via card they take £150 not £120.

Please watch out.

Market End Way