I FOUND it interesting and amusing to read that dear old Eric Pickles MP now says that the Government made a mistake by not dredging the rivers to prevent flooding and blamed the Environment Agency for providing poor advice.

People have been telling councils, governments and the agency for years that dredging was essential but as always, up in the ivory towers where there is no flooding, they thought they knew best.

I read somewhere the Government has set aside something like £11bn for overseas aid, therefore all these excuses about lack of money to help our flood victims and take flood prevention actions does not hold water.

What it really needs is someone with the backing of all those affected to sue the Government for compensation for all the damage caused by the Government’s neglect and then see how long it takes our leaders to pull their heads out of the sand and do something right for a change.

As for calls for Lord Smith to resign as chairman of the Environment Agency, I totally disagree.

He should not be given the soft option, he should be sacked and with no compensation and in fact told to repay any allowances or expenses he has claimed for the last year and even have his title of lord taken away from him!

Horspath, Oxford