SURELY the nation’s keenest knitters would be jealous of this creation.

Knitters at the Pegasus Theatre have created a 150m long scarf – big enough to go around the entire building on Magdalen Road.

More than 20 people took part in creating the scarf, which is made up of 20cm squares.

Some parts of the scarf were put together at the theatre’s weekly knitting cafe held on Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm.

The knitters started the project in May at the theatre and unveiled their woollen creation on Saturday, February 8 at 12.30pm.

Community fundraiser Sasha East, 41, from Blackbird Leys, came up with the idea for the knitathon at the venue.

She said: “I’m really happy about the number of knitters that came along and got involved.

“It looks lovely. There are some really special pieces. One lady knitted the word Pegasus onto the scarf.

“People did crochet and lots of different pieces of knitting. We’re really pleased with the response that people gave to the project.”

The scarf will auctioned in useable pieces at the end of the year, with all proceeds going towards the theatre.

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