Sir – It is heartening to see councillor Jean Fooks helping residents at Cutteslowe with their parking problems. It is also puzzling, because she turned her back on us when we asked for help in resolving a problem in King’s Cross Road. I have an off-road parking space but I am banned from even applying for a visitor’s parking permit. Other houses and flats from Nos. 12-34 King’s Cross Road are also banned from holding either parking permits or visitors’ permits.
There are parking spaces for 19 cars in King’s Cross Road but only an average of three residents use spaces on a regular basis, one of whom has a double garage used for other purposes and who parks in the road at all times. There are enough residents-only spaces to park a further ten cars in neighbouring Hawkswell Gardens but they have remained unused for the seven years since my house was built. In recent months another new house has been built in King’s Cross Road but the city council has not banned this building from applying for, or having, residents’ or visitors’ parking passes.
I am at a loss as to why I and my neighbours in houses and flats between 12 and 34 King’s Cross road are being discriminated against. We all pay our taxes.
I am also at a loss why councillor Fooks is against us. She claims to be a liberal and a democrat but her flint-hearted attitude on this question is hard to understand and it would be a great help if she changed her mind and decided to help us fight the discriminatory ban.
Eddie Duller