Sir – There are two stories in your paper (January 23) which over-complicate two quite simple issues:
* (‘Generation face prospect of temporary classrooms’, Blame Game (editorial): the fact is that the Government took money away from the council’s capital building fund for ‘Basic Need’ because it funded places for a free school where there was no need for new pupil places, instead of allowing the council money to expand primary school places in areas where new classrooms are needed.
* (Head in defence of removal of students): the fact is, as the Ofsted report on the independent ‘Include School’ states: ‘Include is unique in that its students are taken from a single school, the Oxford Spires Academy, with whom it has a contract to provide education for a specified number of students (none of these students having a statement of special needs)’.
As the ‘fees section’ of the report states, someone (?) is paying £9,000 per annum to send each of these ‘Spires’ students to this independent school instead of taking on their proper responsibility to educate them in existing and already funded, locally maintained provision
Frank Newhofer

Southmoor Road


Former chairman of governers at former Oxford Community School