Sir – I have written numerous letters of objection to the outrageous proliferation of planning applications for solar ‘farms’ and solar ‘parks’ in the Vale of White Horse (Bright days ahead for solar, Feature, January 16).

No one, it would appear, has raised their eyes above the parapet to consider the disastrous effect of these developments on the ancient Ridgeway path which runs along the escarpment of the North Wessex Downs AONB — a national protected landscape.
Instead of a peaceful panorama of quintessential rural England, a walk along the Ridgeway long distance footpath will be rewarded with a view of winking solar panels on an industrial scale, installed by canny farmers who can receive £50,000 over ten years for doing nothing with a ten-acre slice of farmland. As far as generating solar energy goes, it would be a far better solution if the local district council were to insist on the installation of solar panels on the roofs of the thousands of new dwellings they have planned for the Vale.
Annie Boon