Sir – I am pleased to see that some of the damaged areas of road within the city have been repaired recently. I had begun to worry that the pothole repair budget had all been used up. I was sorry, though, to see firstly that the repair in Beaumont Street had not gone properly to the edge of the damaged area that was repaired and had left another large area still in need of repair. Does no one on the repair crew look around to see what else needs doing in the same area?
I also noted that one of the hardy perennials — a small service cover at the Parks Road traffic lights on Banbury Road had had some tarmac slapped down. I fear that this latest repair is of similar quality to the repair done about 12 months ago on the same spot.
These small patch repairs seem to have a service life of less than 12 months.
It is clearly time that street surface repairs were done to a far better standard, which should mean that our road surfaces start getting gradually better, rather than gradually worse. Perhaps the relevant council committee should take note.
Philip Cresswell