As the hunt for Oxford Fashion Week’s top model kicks off, Katherine MacAlister talks to the ‘Face’ of 2010 Tiffany Saunders

As the original face of Oxford Fashion Week, Tiffany Saunders’ career has taken off beyond all recognition. But along with the highs, Tiffany, 23, has also experienced the lows, and understands the reality of the modelling world.

Which makes her the ideal candidate to sit on the OFW 2014 panel which this weekend will be searching for the new face of Oxford’s most exciting week in fashion.

Yes Oxford Fashion Week is back, bigger and better than ever before, and the Oxford Mail is right behind it, every step of the way.

We will be bringing you updates and news on all the shows as they happen in March so you can experience the glamour for yourselves, as well as the build-up – but in the meantime, they need you.

The open model castings for OFW 2014 will be held between 2-5pm at Malmaison Oxford on both Saturday and Sunday, when more than 50 models will be selected for the runway shows taking place from March 3-9.

Carl Anglim, director of Oxford Fashion Week, said: “Runway directors will be selecting models according to the creative vision for their show and the designs being exhibited. Oxford Fashion Week has previously featured models reflecting a diverse range of shapes, sizes, looks and silhouettes including models with disabilities.“The models that shine, and the ones that get casted, are those who radiate confidence, character, professionalism and reliability. “Aesthetically, the casting will depend on the creative vision held by each individual runway director. No Oxford Fashion Week Runway director completes their vision until after the castings. There is potential for every person who comes out to cast.

“The Face will then take a leading role throughout OFW including leading the runway shows and associated photo shoots. “And it’s worth bearing in mind that models who have previously featured as the Face have gone on to develop successful professional modelling careers including Tiffany Saunders, the Face in 2010 and Emma Appleton the Face in 2011, who both currently work as professional models in London for Zone Models. Coincidentally, both are from Witney.”

But there’s more, in a unique role reversal, this year Tiffany and Emma will not only be on the casting panel, but have also teamed up to direct the OFW Lingerie Show on Thursday March 7 at Malmaison Oxford and will be selecting models for that show.

“I signed with my agency after OFW,” Tiffany tells me “and things have been going really well ever since, so it is a great launching pad. “So I feel very honoured and flattered to be included in OFW 2014 because I’ve always wanted to direct my own show, so am really excited about the lingerie show. “We have been given free rein so it’s fantastic to have so much creative input and so exciting to still be involved.

As for what the Witney model will be looking for at the castings, she says: “It took me a while to realise that people picked me because I had a certain look, one that the other girls didn’t have. You just have to realise that people like you for the way you look and if everyone looked the same it would be really boring. You have to have confidence in yourself.

“So anyone thinking of coming down to the castings should, because we have been there and know how intimidating it can be. “And Oxford should be represented by the people who live there. We want a real variety of looks and sizes, so come along.”


Have you got the look?

The open model castings for Oxford Fashion Week 2014 will be held between 2pm to 5pm at Malmaison Oxford on both Saturday and Sunday.
More than 50 models are expected to be selected for runway shows taking place between March 3 to 9.

The model castings are open to all male and female would-be models over 14 years old and no experience is necessary. Females are asked to cast in heels and females over 16 who wish to be considered for the lingerie show are asked to bring swimwear. There are no height or size restrictions for the casting.

Following the open castings, a shortlist for the Face will be revealed on the OFW Facebook page. The public will then have the opportunity to vote on who they want to see as the Face of OFW. Voting will open on Tuesday, February 11, and close on Thursday, February 20. The Face of Oxford Fashion Week will be revealed from 8pm at Malmaison Oxford on Friday, February 21.

Tickets for OFW are available already at