PEOPLE can now have their say on a major £10m scheme to add new slip roads to the A34.

Oxfordshire County Council wants to add new north-facing slip roads at the Chilton Interchange.

A public consultation on the scheme has been launched as the county council prepares to start work in the autumn.

David Nimmo Smith, the council's cabinet member for transport, said: “Major growth is proposed across the Science Vale area including 14,000 new homes and 16,000 jobs by 2029. Harwell Oxford campus, together with Milton Park, is part of the Science Vale Enterprise Zone, which will lead to an increase in more than 8,000 jobs in the area by 2015.

“Current routes to Harwell Oxford using local roads from Milton Interchange and via Rowstock roundabout are already congested. New slip roads at Chilton interchange will give people an alternative to these routes.

“And increased confidence in the transport network and direct access from the A34 will attract business investment in the Enterprise Zone at Harwell Oxford which will lead to more jobs.”

The A34 junction at Chilton currently only has south-facing slips, so there is no access to or from the north. The new slip roads will create a direct route to the Enterprise Zone Site of Harwell Oxford.

A public consultation will take place today between 4pm and 8pm, on Friday between 3pm and 7pm and Saturday between 10am and 1pm at All Saints’ Church, Chilton. People can also comment on the scheme by visiting