I RECENTLY wrote a letter to you regarding traffic jams at Green Road, Cutteslowe, Woodstock Road and various other roundabouts and traffic lights on the A40 (September 25, 2013).

I now see (January 24), that the extraordinary amount of £4.8m is to be spent on traffic lights at the Cutteslowe roundabout. This is an incredible waste of money. As I said in my previous letter, you will only get reduced traffic congestion if you remove the amount of traffic using said roundabouts.

All that will happen is the congestion we have at present will be greatly increased, i.e. traffic will back up to Green Road roundabout and probably back to Eynsham roundabout, it will probably affect Oxford city centre at peak times.

Perhaps these so-called traffic engineers could explain how this measure will relieve congestion before the vast amount of money is squandered on this pointless exercise.

I have no doubt this plan will go ahead and very much hope that heads will roll when the outcome of this folly comes to fruition. I also fear that Councillor Jean Fooks is going to be disappointed, along with thousands of others, when the amount of wasted money is realised.

TONY COFFIN, Downside End, Risinghurst, Oxford