THE record-breaking rainfall total for Oxford in January has now been confirmed by weather observers at Oxford University, as the Environment Agency warns more rain is on the way.

The university’s Radcliffe Meteorological Station recorded the total monthly rainfall for January as 146.9mm, overtaking the previous record of 138.7mm in January 1852.

Last month’s total is almost three times higher than the amount normally expected, based on the average rainfall records for January over the last 247 years.

Consistent weather records at the university station date from 1815 and there are irregular observations of rainfall, cloud and temperature from 1767.

Radcliffe Meteorological Observer Dr Ian Ashpole, who takes the daily rainfall measurements at Green Templeton College, said people in the Oxford area endured consistently wet weather all January with only one rain-free day.

Records show that this January was the wettest of any of the three winter months — December to February — beating the previous high of 143.3mm in December 1914.

The Environment Agency is preparing for heavy rainfall across the South East over the next 10 days and is urging communities to be prepared.