AFTER yet more rainfall hit Oxford yesterday afternoon, it was confirmed that the city had suffered its wettest January in more than 250 years.

Total rainfall levels for the month yesterday topped the previous record of January 1852 when a measurement of 138.7mm was recorded. The city endured almost three times the January average of rainfall last month.

Dr Ian Ashpole, of the geography department at Green Templeton College, Woodstock Road, confirmed that it was the wettest January since records began in 1767.

“It has been the very high number of “very wet” days this month – rather than a few monster ones – that has led to the record. Oxford residents have had to endure consistently miserable weather conditions all month, with only one rain-free day.”

He added: “This really shows how extreme this year has been with its current total in excess of 135mm. The December/January total is also way up there. The current two-month total of 234.4mm is in third place just behind 1876 (242.1mm) and 1911 (237.7mm).”

More rain is expected today, but tomorrow is set to be dry, but cloudy.

Oxfordshire remains at “low risk” of flooding, despite the rising water levels.

Oxfordshire County Council said river levels had risen but the county has been classed “low risk” by the Environment Agency.

No new flood warnings – meaning flooding is possible – have been issued for the county.