FORMER Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams delivered a lecture at Oxford University on Wednesday night.

The Church of England leader of 10 years spoke about the relationships between different faiths.

Dr Williams said he was glad to be back in Oxford.

The 63-year-old said: “It’s been a very stimulating few events. I am very glad to be back here and in such hugely intelligent and challenging company.

“Oxford is still as wet as I remember from years ago, but it is always good to catch up with friends.

“The city’s faith community is interesting at the moment, because there has been a huge development of the Islamic presence at the university and in the city.

“There is some really high-quality thinking going on there and I think that reflects on our society in a very good way.”

Dr Williams said that since stepping down as Archbishop, he now spent a lot of his time carrying out his duties as Master of Magdalene College at Cambridge University.

But he said that he hoped to make a trip to the Congo in the summer with Christian Aid, of which he is a patron.

Sarah Bebb, of talk organisers Humanitas, said: “The lecture went down really well.

“Rowan is good at interacting with audiences, so he was really in his element.”

The next Humanitas talk, at 5pm on February 10 at Pembroke College, features former CIA director General Michael Hayden.