An Oxfordshire garage has created the one-off car modelled on the Little Tikes toy made for youngsters.

But instead of running on a child’s legs, this car is fitted with an 800cc engine.
Attitude Autos, based in Ambrosden, took apart a Daewoo Matiz to create the car.

Managing director Nigel Douglas said the toy was a classic car amongst children and the firm wanted to create a version for adults.

He said: “We had seen them all over the place. They are always in peoples’ front gardens. We thought it would be great if we could get an adult version of it.”

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The car modification business moved into its Ploughley Road home before Christmas, but mechanics John Bitmead and brother Geof had worked on the toy car for 16 weeks before that.

Mr Douglas said the firm wanted to build a catalogue of special cars and hire them out for film, television or corporate events.

He said: “We set up the company to make unique bespoke vehicles for film, television and photography.

“John loves the creative idea of it. For me it’s the pleasure of starting with just an idea and creating that into something useable and roadworthy.”

And he said the firm could make another toy car for about £8,000.

Mr Douglas said he also wanted to tour around the country with the toy car to raise money for London’s Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. He said: “It is attracting huge amounts of attention.”

John said the  project had involved about 1,000 hours of work, adding: “There was virtually work on it every single day to some degree.”

The 48-year-old said he had driven the car around Oxford and had had a good reaction.

He said: “It is to just go out and have a bit of fun. It is nice to see peoples’ faces and see them taking photographs.”

The mechanic said the toy car was perhaps faster than the Matiz it came from as it was lighter.

John said he always wears his motorcycle gear while driving the car in case it rains. He also said a helmet was not necessary, but it kept the wind from bothering him.

Other cars in the firm’s garage include a Volvo covered in artificial grass and an electric off-road tricycle.

The car at a glance
800cc engine
52 horse power
0 to 62mph in 17 seconds
Top speed 70mph
Runs on unleaded petrol
One driver’s airbag
Two giant drink holders like in the original toy car