A CAMPAIGNER who has climbed the gates of Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral has begun a hunger strike outside the Oxfordshire home of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Tony Ashby who made headlines for invading a restricted zone at Heathrow Airport and climbing onto the house of the Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman, is staging the protest near the Witney MP’s home in Dean, near Chipping Norton.

Herefordshire-based Mr Ashby, 48, set up camp in the village yesterday and is hoping his stunt will prompt action to change custody and adoption rules, which he claims are not fair on fathers.

He is a prominent member of the campaign group New Fathers for Justice.

On Christmas Day, he will set up a table “with all the trimmings” except food, and has personally invited the Prime Minister to join him.

He said: “I want him to come out, bring me a leg of turkey, and discuss my situation.”

Mr Ashby said he started campaigning for better rights for fathers after his children were placed in the care of foster parents because he was deemed mentally unfit to look after them.

He claims the decision and allegations that he cannot look after his children are wrong, and has spent more than £10,000 fighting the matter in court.