James Luxford of BBC Radio Oxford provides you with some festive flicks to seek out this Christmas

As Andy Williams keeps telling me over the PA system in the supermarket, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”! Clearly Mr Williams hasn’t had to wade his way through a packed Oxford Street on his way to a press screening!

I must admit I’m feeling a lot more ‘Christmassy’ than in previous years. Perhaps it’s because this is my first Christmas as a married man, and we’re spending it at home which means no long haul drives to see relatives. Given this I have decided to go ‘all in’ this Christmas – decorations, songs and the devising of the all-important Christmas movie programme.

It should come as no surprise to regular readers of this column that my Christmas has always revolved around the movies. For the last decade-plus DVD’s have been a safe bet in terms of presents, and I’ve always had particular tastes when it came to the Christmas movies.

This year, two movies are a must for Lauren at least – two variations of the same story. The Muppet Christmas Carol, the all-singing, all-dancing 90’s family classic starring Michael Caine (treating the role as if he were playing Hamlet), and the decidedly more serious (but also musical) Scrooge starring Albert Finney. It’s a tradition in her family to watch the latter film on Christmas Eve, also the same day that my family watches the former film, and so she has decreed that both must be observed. For me, however, Christmas movies are at their best with a bit of edge to them.

Of course, Die Hard has become the alternative yuletide choice, but a great Christmas movie doesn’t have to involve Christmas at all. Think about it – Wallace and Gromit are, for many people, as much a part of Christmas as stockings and carol singers, but their stories are rarely anything to do with December 25. Ditto The Great Escape, or Shrek which always seems to get rolled out by the TV channels.

So, this year, my recommendations are as follows: all festive movies on Christmas Eve to get us in the mood, mostly likely the Scrooge double bill and maybe Die Hard in the evening. TV is banned in our house on the day itself, but may I recommend a Disney classic (Snow White, Cinderella, The Lion King) if you have young’uns, Harry Potter, or an adventure film if you’re a grownup- Indiana Jones (not the fourth one), Bond (either Connery or one of the recent Craigs), Christopher Reeve’s Superman.

Then for Boxing Day, when you’re a stone heavier and unable to move from the sofa, may I suggest a light comedy – Meet The Fockers, Ted, Bridesmaids… delete as appropriate. Then maybe in the evening a trashy ’80’s action film or chick flick depending on your sensibilities. For me, I’ll be introducing Lauren to the Luxford favourite that is Arnie’s Predator.

Let me know your ideal Christmas movies if you like, @JLuxfordFilm on twitter or simply go to the Cowley Road area and shout . Whatever you end up doing, may I end by wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas.