THE slaughter of our badgers by the Government has now been shown to be a palpable failure, as predicted by the overwhelming scientific consensus. So Cameron and Paterson (the minister responsible) are now trying to improve their image in the approach to the next election, by holding a meeting on the plight of African elephants, to be held in London. This meeting will be presided over by Prince William, another notorious abuser of wildlife.

Oxford Mail:

The badger cull was supposed to eradicate TB in cattle.

A few years ago, William went to Africa and shot a dik-dik (a rare species of antelope) using a bow and arrow. I recently read about thugs with crossbows shooting lambs on a Suffolk farm and the press condemned them as being “worse than animals”. I fail to see the difference. There can be no genuine respect for wildlife anywhere, as long as such people control the reins of power and manipulate the conservation movement for their own perverse ends.


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