ABINGDON residents were shown what life in the Army could hold for them at a jobs fair last week.

The army regulars and reserves both held a recruitment drive at the town’s Guildhall on Friday.

There is now a nationwide drive to recruit more reserves as the regular Army decreases and volunteers replace them.

Lance Corporal Marc Share, of A Company, 7 Rifles, is a reservist and was at the fair to encourage others to join.

He said: “It is massively important, with the army reservists increasing to 35,000 by 2018, that we recruit. Being a reservist is a really good life. It is a good mixture – you get to do the army stuff and get your civilian life as well.

“It is a good opportunity to get transferable qualifications, there is a good sporting aspect and a chance to travel.”

For more information, visit army.mod.uk/join