A WOMAN died after jumping off a bridge over the A40 and was struck by two vehicles, an inquest in Oxford heard yesterday.

Samantha Aris, of Littleworth Park, Littleworth, Oxford, suffered multiple injuries in the incident at Holton Bridge, near Wheatley, on the Oxford-bound carriageway and died at about 12.40am on Friday, April 12.

Oxfordshire’s deputy coroner Alison Thompson, referred to a statement from incident investigator James Henderson.

She said both drivers whose vehicles hit Ms Aris would have had no time to react to avoid colliding with her.

The medical cause of death was traumatic injuries.

The inquest at Oxfordshire Coroner’s Court heard that the 49-year-old store worker had a history of mental illness and had been sectioned for about a month in August 2011 after she had a psychotic episode.

Her sister Susan Booker said her family had become concerned about Ms Aris in the months leading to her death, having found her wandering around Headington on New Year’s Eve after walking all night.

Ms Booker said: “She told me she stopped taking her medication last August.

“It was clear to us then she didn’t want to be on her medication and her symptoms had come back.”

She added: “She feared that maybe she would end up back in hospital and she didn’t want that.

“We couldn’t reach her.”

Ms Aris sent her brother-in-law David Louch a text on April 11 that read: “I can’t take it anymore, I want to be with mum and dad.”

A police search of Ms Aris’ caravan revealed a note with a will attached which said: “I can’t take it anymore. “If I end up on a life support machine please switch me off.’ Ms Thompson said to Ms Aris’ family: “I hope you don’t blame yourselves for what happened.

“Once people embark on this it really is their choice.

“There is nothing else you could have done.

“I am satisfied that Samanatha deliberately jumped from the bridge.”

The deputy coroner recorded a verdict that Ms Aris took her own life.