AN INDEPENDENT shop in Headington will close at the end of the month after selling wool and sewing kits for 31 years.

Brambles in London Road will shut on Saturday, November 30, when owners David and Gina Green retire.

The shop, which specialises in wool and sewing equipment, is the latest independent trader in the area to close.

Mrs Green said there had been a “huge response” from customers, who were disappointed to see it shut.

She added: “It was a big decision. We thought a lot about it and it was with great sadness that we made the decision, but we felt the time was right.

“People were sad that another independent shop will close.

“We have had customers coming in saying how much they will miss us and asking where they will get their bits from.

“We also run a shoe repair and key cutting at the back of the shop, as well as baby clothing and toys. The closest independent shop that sells things related to sewing and wool is in Abingdon.”

Mrs Green, who has lived in Headington her whole life, said the area had changed greatly in recent years.

“There is not as much variety now many of the independent shops have closed,” she said.

Headington residents said the latest closure would contribute to the loss of the area’s identity.

Kathy Turner, a former headteacher from Old Road, said: “It’s a great shame as it has been there for such a long time.

“There isn’t really another shop like Brambles. It’s a useful and convenient shop and I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

“Morrison’s has recently opened and Sainsbury’s will soon come to Headington, so we are seeing things change dramatically.”

Professional artist Clare Goodall, of Bayswater Road, was equally disappointed as she buys threads and beads from Brambles.

She said: “I use it a lot and so it will be a great shame when it closes as it has a good variety of materials.

“Headington is definitely losing its identity.

“We need more independent shops and fewer supermarkets and estate agents.”

City councillor for Headington Ruth Wilkinson said: “It’s always sad to see an independent shop close, especially one so well established and popular.

“People are hoping another independent will replace it, or at least a shop that will offer a different range of goods from those already available nearby.”