SHOPKEEPERS have raised concerns about a kebab shop and takeaway moving into the store left empty after Cafe Noir moved out.

The shop has been vacant since Majib Yazdani closed down Cafe Noir, on the corner of Osler Road and London Road in Headington, at the start of July because of increasing rents.

But agent Liggins Thomas have said the shop is “under offer” in a sign outside the former cafe.

On its Twitter profile Oxford Kebabs, which describes itself as “Oxford’s newest kebab shop and takeaway” said it will be “coming soon to Osler Road, Headington.”

Shopkeepers close to the store said they would not welcome a kebab shop.

Gardiners Opticians owner James Whittenbury said: “This is the first I have heard of it. But the first concern I would have is the mess that might be left outside. It would have been better left as a cafe as it helped us.

“It’s a shame – a kebab shop would not be in keeping with the area.”

Joseph James, owner of Oxford Framing Gallery, said: “Residents in Osler Road would not want a shop that’s open late at night.

“It would not be good for us because it could bring trouble.

“There’s also another kebab van just 50 metres up the London Road and so I am not quite sure how it would work.”

Jonathan Dennis, who lived in Osler Road before moving to Staunton Road, said residents would not support a kebab shop.

He said: “Most people would not want to see it at the end of Osler Road.

“It’s not really the area to have a kebab shop.”

Cafe Noir owner Mr Yazdani, who ran the cafe for 23 years, said: “Residents are a bit concerned and worried about the potential opening of the kebab shop, especially the late hours.”

Headington city councillor Ruth Wilkinson said she wanted to see another restaurant or bistro in the empty store.

She said: “Cafe Noir is greatly missed. Many hoped that another good quality restaurant or bistro might replace it.

“A previous kebab shop in the centre did well before it had to relocate.

There’s a kebab van in Headington already in the evenings so the new business will have strong competition.”

Oxford Kebabs and Liggins Thomas were unavailable for comment.