A GREAT-grandmother has been living without heating in a property with asbestos for three months.

But after the Oxford Mail contacted Sanctuary Housing about Maureen Cox’s bungalow in Charlbury Road, Kidlington, the boiler was fixed and the asbestos was cleared.

The 76-year-old moved into the property on August 11 and discovered warning signs about asbestos in the attic.

She informed the housing association but says nothing was done.

The mother-of-three who has four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren also found that the boiler was broken and that she had no heating.

She said it took four weeks before a plumber came to the property to fix it, but said he refused to go into the attic and fix the boiler because of the asbestos.

Mrs Cox said asbestos was then also found in a cupboard which had to be taped off.

The retired shop manager said: “I called them up so often. At last they have moved it. It has only taken three months.

“I have had no heating for the whole of that time.

“I’m not the sort of person to scream and shout down the phone, but hopefully I will know now what it feels like to have the radiators on.

“I don’t like to get anyone into trouble but a friend told me I have to look after myself.”

Her daughter Alison Hillier said: “She has been going in and out of that cupboard for two months. She is already asthmatic so it has been very worrying.

“Her great-grandchildren have been visiting as well.”

The Oxford Mail spoke to Sanctuary Housing on Wednesday morning to ask why it had taken so long for the problems to be fixed. The same day the asbestos was cleared.

Daren Jones, national gas operatives manager for Sanctuary, said the asbestos had been removed and apologised for how long it had taken to do the work.

The boiler was fixed on Thursday and Mrs Cox said: “It was a relief I finally had heating after three months.

“I have been cold to the bone. I was sitting under a blanket with two hot water bottles.

It’s a relief to have it back.”

Sanctuary provides rented, sheltered and other properties in England and Scotland.