Mum Laura Head said her children’s pram was set on fire when her mobile phone exploded.

The 25-year-old from Wantage was pushing the pram containing her 15-month-old twins Archie and Freddie Smith, through a car park in Newbury when she heard a loud bang.

When the full-time mother looked down she said there was smoke coming from her Samsung Galaxy S4, which she had left on top of the hood of the pram.

She said: “I heard this massive bang and the next thing I know my phone was on fire and I had to get both of my boys out of the pram pretty quickly.

“The roof was smoking. I had to take the top of the pram off.

“Alfie was awake and he had been holding the phone. I had just taken it off him and within five minutes of doing that it just exploded.

“If I hadn’t have taken it off him it would have blown up in his hand.

“I was just shocked really.”

Miss Head bought the phone in June from the Vodafone shop in Newbury on a £50 per month contract.

Her father Steve said: “I just cannot believe it.”

Samsung spokesman Lucie Heim said: “Samsung is currently working with Miss Head and has provided means for the customer to return the handset. Samsung is currently waiting to receive it for inspection.

“Once the handset is in Samsung’s possession we will be able to advise the customer further.”

In July it was reported that the same model of phone exploded and caused a house to burn down in Hong Kong, while in September last year it was reported that the same type of phone exploded in a man’s pocket in the US.