ANGIE Trueman met a distant relative at a family history day.

She was volunteering at Oxfordshire Family History Society’s (OFHS) annual open day at the Marlborough School in Woodstock on Saturday.

About 300 members and non-members took advantage of free advice and help from genealogy experts, DNA specialists and society members.

Organiser Wendy Archer said she had a great time at the day, which was “exciting and friendly. Family history gives you a sense of who you are.

“It is part of our natural, human curiosity to understand what your ancestors did.”

Mrs Trueman, 56, from Hungerford, was helping people to trace their relatives when she ended up finding one of her own.

She said: “A lady from Hertfordshire called Iris Manthorpe said she had ancestors from Weston-on=the Green. So did I , I told her. The surname was Gregory and it turned out we were indeed related. My great-grand-uncle Gregory, born 1864, left Weston on-the-Green to seek his fortune in London and she was a direct descendant of his.”

The OFHS is now 37 years old and has 2,000 members.

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