LITTER pickers at the ready: A big clean up of Rose Hill is planned as Cleaner Greener Oxford comes to the estate and residents are being asked to get involved.

The Oxford City Council campaign is launching in Rose Hill on Monday, October 14 and will run for four weeks.

There will be litter picking, bins added to the estate’s shopping parades and shopkeepers will be encouraged to add cigarette dispensers to their buildings.

Residents will also be offered advice about recycling and waste management.

Laurie Taylor, community response team manager for Oxford City Council, said: “I absolutely think it will make a huge impact and the most important thing will be the legacy that it will leave.

“Rose Hill has got a great community spirit and it is very diverse.

“We want to bring people together to show how much pride they take in their area.”

Cleaner Greener Oxford has already targeted Jericho, Blackbird Leys, Barton, and Cowley Road.

Enforcement officers can issue on-the-spot fines to anyone caught dropping litter, discarding rubbish from a vehicle, throwing away cigarette ends or chewing gum.

Residents are being invited to join an estate litter pick on Saturday, October 19.

Ms Taylor said: “We are looking to get the word out. We want a community-led day. It is about the community taking pride in their surroundings.”

During the first two weeks of the campaign, there will be visits to residents to inform them about recycling and how to dispose of items such as carpets.

Rivermead Nature Reserve in Rivermead Road will be tidied up and there will be a hedge laying demonstration, although no date is yet confirmed.

Ms Taylor said: “We will improve recycling rates, the visual environment and state of properties and reduce any litter.”

Ray James, chairman of Rose Hill Tenants and Residents’ Association backed the campaign. He said: “Any initiative to improve the quality of the estate and life on it has to be good and I hope it gets the support of the wider community.”

Paul Davies, from Oxford City Council’s community response team, said: “We are really looking forward to getting the Cleaner Greener Campaign in Rose Hill started.”

For more information or to report environmental crime, contact the Community Response Team on 01865 249811 or