PARKING permits could be the answer to clogged streets in Oxford’s Wood Farm and Lye Valley areas, according to a senior transport officer.

Residents raised concerns about commuter parking and traffic congestion at a meeting that was organised to discuss the formulation of a Headington Transport Strategy.

Oxfordshire County Council is asking for residents’ views on transport issues in the area to help shape a strategy.

Nick Barber, of Peat Moors, said his road and the area had a problem with commuter parking.

He told the meeting on Tuesday: “I have noticed the problem with commuter parking has got really bad over the last couple of years.

“There is a rush of people coming in about 7am to 8.30am.

“The problem is a lot of residents have got to leave cars on the streets because they are worried they cannot get out of their own driveways.

“It seemed to happen once they introduced parking charges at the Churchill.”

He added: “There are also people parking on the pavements – we have got a lot of kids walking to school and they are having to walk in to the road with their kids because they cannot pass on the pavement.”

Neighbour Clelia Lambourne, of Peat Moors, said: “Parking is slightly better around the corners but the cars park either side quite often.”

Craig Rossington, senior transport planner for Oxfordshire County Council, told the meeting: “One of the improvements is to look into a residents’ parking zone. People don’t always like them but they are very effective in getting rid of commuter cars.

“At some point in the relatively near future, colleagues of mine will be talking about a residents’ parking zone in the area.”

Mr Rossington added: “If there is a CPZ then there is money to enforce it, mostly through tickets. But obviously there is a charge to administer the CPZ. Introducing it is expensive; you have to go through a planning process.

“Overall the CPZs are very effective.”

Liz Brighouse, of Old Road, Labour county councillor for Churchill and Lye Valley, said: “It would have to be a bigger area than Peat Moors because of displacement parking.

“As soon as you have a CPZ you displace the traffic elsewhere.”

She suggested placing yellow lines where parking was not allowed between the hours of noon and 2pm to prevent commuter cars.

But Ms Brighouse warned: “There is a big division on the CPZ issue in Wood Farm.

“On Titup Hall Drive you get people who have been badly affected who want it.

“But further away from that people don’t necessarily see a problem and don’t want it.”