OXFORD’S hospital trust has said it will work with the highways authority to tackle Headington’s chronic traffic problems.

It comes after a major review was launched into the area’s transport network.

Oxfordshire County Council, which is undertaking the review, says the area is one of the most significant jobs sites in Oxford and suffers from “extensive congestion throughout much of the day”.

It will mean changes could be made to bus services, parking zones and cycle routes in the area.

Kennett Road resident Charles Young welcomed the news. He said: “I am quite glad they are doing a study. It is worth looking at all these issues in a professional way but everyone in the community is puzzled why we have not been informed about it.

“There is a feeling that Headington is bearing an unfair burden of transporting people to and from Oxford. “In Headington we have got two very major roads, London Road and Horspath Driftway, feeding into the city.”

Headington is home to the John Radcliffe Hospital as well as the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Churchill Hospital, Oxford Brookes University and Oxford University’s Old Road campus.

The Barton West development of nearly 900 homes is expected to add pressure to the area’s transport network.

In addition Oxford University plans to develop the Park Hospital site for research space, which residents fear will draw more commuters into Headington.

Mervyn Phipps, of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “The trust has worked with Oxfordshire County Council for many years on traffic congestion.

“We will continue to talk to the highways department about ways in which we can help reduce congestion.”

But Headington city councillor David Rundle expressed concern about a lack of community involvement.

He said: “Headington has got so much going for it, but one real blight is congestion and its consequences, like problems with air quality and dangerous potholes.

“So, it’s good to know that the county council wants to be seen to be getting serious.

“But does it really think it can do this without the engagement of the people?”

As part of the strategy the county council will discuss with both universities and the NHS trust their future developments in the area.

The county council says it is considering the potential demand for new bus services, as well as improvements to junctions and cycle routes.

It is also reviewing policies on on-street and on-site parking, as well as park and rides.

County council spokesman Marcus Mabberley said: “No plans have been decided upon regarding what work could be done to react to the probable challenges the planned development could bring.”