A WOMAN performed CPR to try and save her fiance, Oxfordshire Coroner’s Court heard.

Debra Ferrer cried as she heard Nicholas Smith, 46, had died from drugs and alcohol toxicity, despite her attempts to save him.

She told the inquest on Wednesday the couple had only just started living together in Andersey Way, Abingdon, before he died on February 23.

His GP, Dr Ramnani, said had overdosed at least four times before and had suffered from depression and insomnia.

Oxfordshire coroner Darren Salter said overdoses were “a pattern of behaviour when he drunk alcohol”, as he recorded a narrative verdict that the death was by drug and alcohol abuse.

Miss Ferrer said Mr Smith had told her and friends he had taken drugs, and medication from their bathroom cabinet before collapsing on the sofa.

Miss Ferrer’s statement said: “His hands turned blue and I really started to panic. I tried to do what the NHS told me to do.”

Miss Ferrer performed CPR until paramedics arrived to take over. He was pronounced dead shortly after.