CONCERNED residents have called for further details on plans to remodel London Road in Headington and the Green Road roundabout.

Visitors to an exhibition of plans to deal with congestion around Headington and Barton were worried about an apparent lack of provision for cyclists.

County council officers met residents and community leaders at Headington Quarry village hall on Thursday night to discuss the £840,000 scheme.

Barton, Sandhills and Risinghurst county councillor Glynis Phillips said: “I think the new scheme is good for people on buses and good for people in cars going into Headington and Oxford, but I think there’s a problem with provision for cyclists.

“Officers have heard a lot of comments from unhappy cyclists but, given the fact they listened to the first round of consultation, I have every expectation they will take those comments on board.”

In order to tackle delays on the stretch, the council wants to widen the road around Lyndworth Road and add a short stretch of bus lane.

It also plans to add another stretch of bus lane on the opposite side of the Green Road roundabout on the A40 towards Wheatley.

Council transport officers say the new-look London Road would allow cars to pass buses that have stopped for passengers, preventing traffic from backing up.

But former city council planning officer Andrew Lewis, of Lyndworth Close, wanted to see detailed plans.

He said: “It doesn’t fill me with confidence when they can’t even get the name of one of the roads right and no-one’s got a scale rule so we can actually measure the plans.

“There is a lack of clarity about some details. The focus is too much on what’s happening on the carriageway, and not enough about what’s happening outside it in terms of pedestrians and cyclists.

“They are looking at the bigger picture but they are missing some of the detail.”

Headington and Quarry county councillor Roz Smith said: “I’m a bit concerned that this is a scheme for buses and not for cyclists.”

Resident Mick Freeman, 80, of Old Marston, said: “It’s a waste of money. I don’t understand why we even have 24-hour bus lanes. They should have a bus lane coming in to Oxford during rush hour and then have it as a second traffic lane the rest of the time.”

If the scheme is approved work is expected to take place between January and June next year.

The Oxford Mail approached the county council but spokesman Paul Smith declined to comment.