TWO budding entrepreneurs have snapped up a chance to sell their products thanks to an Oxford company that is teaching business skills to young people.

Liam Munt, 18, and Nicola Hall, 16, both traded from their own stall at Gloucester Green Market in the city to sell artwork and photos through a programme run by Learning Live UK.

Privately-owned by local businessman Gary May, the company receives funding from Oxfordshire County Council and offers skill-based programmes to people aged between 16 and 24 who want to get into business.

It was founded in April last year and has so far trained 20 young people.

Liam has been on the programme since last October.

He said: “I found out about it through a friend and it sounded really interesting, so I thought I’d give it a go as I was just sitting at home before.

“I’ve found a passion for photography through it and I’ve signed up to start a photography course at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College in September.”

He added: “Our business model is based on a real photography company, so the experience is really good.”

Mr May said: “Young people can come into our programmes with an idea for a business and we will help them to turn it into a reality. We also run both a childcare service and a photography company of our own for them to work in if they don’t have an idea to start with.

“We encourage them to go back into education and this year we have already had five young people signing up to college in Oxford.

“These are people who have had bad experiences in the education system, but are now seeing the value of it because of our scheme.”