BOTLEY residents fear lives are at risk after details emerged of a second arrow attack on homes.

The Oxford Mail last month reported the window of a couple in their 90s was smashed when an arrow was shot at it in Seacourt Road on May 25.

D-Day veteran Herbert Parsons and wife Helen found the arrow embedded in their shattered living room window.

Now Graham Wells, who also lives in the street, has revealed two arrows struck his metal garage door in August last year, one piercing it.

Police said they are not linking the incidents, despite the residents saying the arrows are all the same.

Mr Wells, 62, said: “I was shocked to find it had happened again.

“If I had been stood there or opening the garage door at the time I probably wouldn’t be here now.

“The police came out twice when I reported it that time and said they had found the culprit and he wouldn’t do it again.

“If they do it another time and it kills someone the police will be jumping on it. But they should be jumping on it now.”

Mr Wells said the police passed on the offender’s apology to him in August along with an offer to pay for the damage. But he said he had decided to fix the damage himself.

Police said the person who shot the arrows on May 25 had also been found and they were going down a “restorative justice” route.

Mr and Mrs Parsons have now had an apology over the phone from a woman but she did not say who she was. Their window has also been fixed by Sovereign Housing.

But other residents in the street raised concerns about how seriously the police were taking the incidents.

Abdul Majid, 72, said: “My wife is disabled and we have a dog so we are very worried.” His fears was echoed by carer Tracey Samways who said: “What are they going to do? Wait for a third time for someone to be killed before doing something?

“My husband has multiple sclerosis and I sometimes put him in his wheelchair in the garden – he would just have to sit there and take the arrow. And who would look after him if I was killed? Every time I come home now I check my windows haven’t been smashed in.”

Jim Saunders, 60, said: “It is making everyone nervous. We have dogs and worry if we leave them in the garden are they going to be killed?”

Thames Valley Police spokesman Hannah Williams said: “There is no suggestion that this is linked with the incident on May 25 at this time.”

s The Oxford Mail also asked why police decided to go down the restorative justice route, whether there were two offenders and if the weapons involved had been confiscated. The police refused to answer