AFTER a hard day treating patients, Abingdon GP Prit Buttar devoted his spare time to researching the Baltic Offensive.

The resulting book is his study of the battle for the Baltics in the Second World War, entitled Between Giants.

It follows Dr Buttar’s bestselling debut Battleground Prussia, which told how the Germans fought a vicious battle with the Russian Army in the region that is now part of Poland.

Battleground Prussia was published in 2010, inspired by a German patient who told him in 2002 of her escape from the Russian Army and the horrors she witnessed.

The new book recalls the experiences of the people of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and how they were trapped between the giants of the Soviet Union and Germany.

Father-of-two Dr Buttar, 53, from Abingdon, also uncovered tales of extraordinary bravery, including the story of two German soldiers who put their lives on the line to save local Jews.

He said: “When I finished the first book I found that I actually had a lot of spare time and my wife Debbie, who is a community nurse, encouraged me to write another book.

“I’m delighted with the way my books have been received and I’m now working on a third about the war between Russia and Germany in the First World War.”

Dr Buttar served in the British Army as a medical officer for five years with the Royal Army Medical Corps, and now son Dan, 24, is in the Royal Navy and Between Giants is dedicated to him.

Daughter Lottie, 20, is studying history at Cambridge University and Dr Buttar said: “I live in fear of one of her dons saying my books are rubbish but it hasn’t happened yet.”

The official launch of Between Giants was at Mostly Books in Stert Street last week, where Dr Buttar’s surgery is based.

Mostly Books manager Mark Thornton said: “Dr Buttar’s books are attracting a lot of critical acclaim.”

Dr Buttar has served on the GPs’ Committee of the British Medical Association. He is chairman of the Oxfordshire Local Medical Committee, which represents GPs.

  • Between Giants, published by Osprey, is avaiable at book stores and on Amazon for £20.