SIGNPOSTS to a healthier lifestyle and safer cycling have been put up in Headington and Marston.

Oxford City Council has spent £12,000 erecting new signs to encourage riders to use Oxford’s “north east cycle route”.

The route, which takes cyclists from the Green Road roundabout to the city centre via Old Headington, the John Radcliffe Hospital and the University Parks, is now better advertised in the north east of the city.

The new signs are part of a £300,000 investment by the council in “cycle city” measures to make Oxford safer and easier to navigate for cyclists.

The measures have been welcomed by keen cyclists in the city, including James Styring, from campaign group Cyclox.

He said: “I think there are lots of really important routes in the city which need better signposting, and it’s something we have been talking to the city council about for a number of years.

“At one point, we even had permission to put up our own signs, but it wasn’t something we had the energy to do at the time.

“Signing makes a really big difference to people, because knowing how to easily, safely and quickly get somewhere you want to go is important, and what we know from other towns with better signing is it does increase the number of cycle journeys quite a bit.

“I think it’s great news.”

The city and county councils are working together to deliver the cycle city scheme, which will spend up to £840,000 over four years between the two authorities to make the city more cycle-friendly.

City executive board member for development and keen cyclist Colin Cook said: “It’s great to see these new signs going up in North East Oxford.

“We want to create a cycle-friendly city and encourage more people to get out of their cars and on to their bikes.”

Sushila Dhall, chairman of Oxford Pedestrians’ Association, said: “I cycle around the city every day and I think cycle city measures have been working well so far.

“It’s so unpleasant cycling on busy roads – it’s polluted and hazardous – so it’s a good idea to signpost these routes.”


Cycle City is a project run by the city and county councils to promote the benefits of cycling and walking in Oxford.

The aim is that more than 20 per cent of journeys to work will be made by bike in 2021.

A number of measures have already been launched, including the £90,000 Brompton Dock at Oxford Railway Station in March.

Last month, a £70,000 scheme was unveiled to transform Jack Straw’s Lane between Marston and Headington into a Dutch-style “bicycle street”.

There is now a narrow buff-coloured strip down the centre of the street separating two wide cycle lanes. Motorists still are able to use the street but it is hoped the plan will encourage them to wait behind cyclists instead of overtaking by squeezing past.