I WAS shocked to learn (Oxford Mail, June 4) that Thames Water is planning yet another inflation- busting rise in household bills for the people of Oxford.

This is completely unacceptable while they continue to provide such a poor service to our city and yet make hundreds of millions of pounds profit at our expense.

Their complete failure to invest in infrastructure has left Oxford with a serious flooding problem. Even on Tuesday we had a burst sewage pipe in Northway, in just the latest incident of sewage flooding in the area.

As reported last year Thames Water made £650m profit, avoided £76m in tax through a rebate and awarded their chief executive a £420,000 bonus.

This clearly shows they are more interested in making money than providing a decent service.

If they are unable to run the water network, then Thames Water should return the franchise to the Government.

Oxford and our neighbouring towns and cities would do well to follow the example of Paris and have a water network run for the public, not for profits.

SAM HOLLICK, Oxford Green City Councillor, Holywell Ward