I hope whoever was responsible for my grandson not receiving his birthday card is proud of themselves.

I posted the card last Thursday in plenty of time for his birthday on Saturday, June 1.

We could not understand why it had not been delivered until my daughter received a note from the post office on Tuesday saying that a fee was to be paid before it could be delivered.

It had a first-class stamp on it and it was not a large card.

I can only assume the fact that it sported an eight-years-old- today badge on it was the reason that it was deemed too large to be covered by the postage.

With the cost of postage rising all the time I am not surprised that people are turning to other methods of communication.

I, for one, will try not to have to send items through the post, and will instead send my communications by email.

We told the post office not to bother delivering the card as we refuse to pay the extra £1.09 on principle.

I bought him another card which I then gave to him the next time I saw him.

CHRISTINE IVENS, Wilkins Road, Cowley, Oxford